Puppies In The Pines
Yorkie Puppies
for them. They don't enjoy spending a lot of time alone.  Average  Also
bossy, affectionate and lively,they make fine pets if you have time
height is 9" & under and most desired weight is under 7 lbs.  Be careful
when shopping for your Yorkie puppy, a cute little fur ball can grow into
a 10-15 lb adult Yorkie!  Not what most pet owners are looking for in a
Yorkie.  This is largely due to the size range in the Yorkshire's are
pets, living in our home and fenced yard.  They range in size, from 3
lbs to the largest girl weighing 7 lbs.
"Teacup" sized GIRL
"Teacup" Sized Girl
Est adult wt 3-4 lbs
Est adult size 4-5 lbs
This "teacup" girl is the
fiesty one!  Est adult
weight 3-4 lbs.
This little boy has a calm
nature and loves children.  
Est adult weight 4-6 lbs.
Tiny Tot Boy 11 oz. at 8 wks
Babydoll face & lots of hair!
Est adult weight 3 lbs.

Girl est adult size 5-6 lbs
This boy is so good
natured.  Est adult weight
Another babydoll face!
Est adult weight 3-4 lbs.
Yorkie Girls at 11 wks
Kid tested & socialized!
Adult wt est 4-6 lbs.