This is Toby, he is our red/wh
piebald daddy dog.  He is very
good natured and has produced
puppies very much like himself.  
Toby is the sire to several of our
pie girls. He was older when we
got him several years ago and is
now retired due to his age.
This is Flower, she belongs to
our oldest daughter and rules
the roost!  Flower is the 1st
Min Dachshund we ever owned
and she is the mother and
grandmother to several other
lovely dachshunds we have
around our place.
This is Baby, she is the smallest of
three sisters, weighs 4 lbs. and is
the friendliest of them all!  Her
mom is Mable.  Baby has retired
early, due to her size.
This page is our scrap page, devoted to good times around the house & yard
and also  fond memories of  "Times Past".
Many are our original pets,  the parents or grandparents to younger ones and
now retired .  
Stovepipe "Jed" is definately my
husband's dog.  He is a bk/tan
dapple, and very good natured.  He
can be found laying around with
puppies every chance he gets:>)
Jed weighs 8 lbs. and is registered
with AKC, ACA & CPR.
This is Draco, he is from Champion
bloodlines and carries English
Cream.  Draco has a very docile
quit!  He weighs 10 lbs. and is
Min Dachshund Boy Born: 8-27-10
Solid Black Smooth Coat
SOLD! To Terra & family in Van Buren
Shih Tzu Girl Born: 5-30-10
Imperial in size, RED in color!
Est adult size 5-7 lbs.
Tulip & Daisy are 1/2
sisters and best friends!
This is Reedie, she is a beautiful
red.  Her mom is Flower and her
daddy is Toby (red/wh pie).         
Reedie has lovely piebald babies!    
Her babies are always rolly pollies.
Moe & Izzie
for their daily romp in the field.
Moe is a daddy's dog!