Puppies In The Pines
This is Silver Belle Lacy with
her friends Fairy & Chip  
Lacy has a beautiful face &
my favorite platinum silver
This is Lance, he's one of our
lovely little daddy dogs!  He
weighs 4 lbs. and gets along with
all the other dogs .
Snickers is with his new
family, Cecilia & children in
Hot Springs.  
Her name is Star and she
is with Misty & family in
Blk/tan Dapple GIRL
SOLD to: Laurie in Ozone!
Blk/tan BOY SOLD
Winnie & Spud
Pomeranian Babies born:5-15-11
1Wolfe Sable/wh mkgs Girl: Kate
1 White Girl  
SOLD to: Misty
1 Creme Sable Girl: Hillary
This little girl's new name is
DOLLY. She is at home in Marion,
Ar with Tanya & Hanna:o)
Atreyu is one of the first
Great Dane puppies we raised &
sold to  Tarrin in Fayeteville!  
Looks like he has a wonderful
home!  Send us an update
Tarrin!! :o)
Thelma & Coco
Min Schnauzer Babies
Born: 5-29-11
1 Black Boy
Sold to: Emma Mullican  
1 Black Girl
Sold to: Jimmy & Karen
This little guy has gone to his new
home with Josh & Sophia in
Rsvl.... :o) 7-2011
SOLD: Cheryl & Lauren in Rsvl
SOLD: Lee & Lauren in Rsvl
SOLD: Sherry in Rsvl
SOLD: Jakki & Andrew
SOLD:Roquel & Angelina
Thanks Michelle!  For the pictures &
update on Harley! Thank you for giving
her a wonderful home! 8/2011
Thanks Whooten family!  Zoie
definitely looks like the "Queen" in
the family!  Keep us updated. 8/2011
Jakki & Andrew send update &
pictures of Maggie.  They love her
& she is spoiled rotten! 8/2011
Misty says her baby STAR, loves
to take showers! 8/2011
His name is Charlie & he
is happy at home with
his new owner Lauren &
Cheryl Roberts!  Keep us
posted girls!
Min Dachshund Boy!
Born: 5-7-10
Maltese girl SOLD
Shih Tzu Boys
Born: 6-11-11
Patsy & Hector
Miniature Schnauzers
Babies born: 6-1-11
Maltese boy born 5-27-11 has
gone to his new home with Wes in
Rsvl. I'm sure we'll be updated!
His new name is Elvis and he is at
home with Stephanie in Branson!
Can't wait to hear back from this
little guy!
SOLD: Amy & Oppie Girl
Goldie & Mr Dobie Girl
Sold to Pam in Dover!
Her name is Izzy..
Amy & Opie Boy Sold to
Gina in Rsvl.
Nathan & Meagan
Tiny Girl Sold to Debbie! Her  
name is Lilly! Her new family
LOVES her!
ShihChon Boy
SOLD to: Kristina Davis!
Boys sold to: Sherry Turner
Boog & Elliot are their names!
9-15-11 & 9-21-11
SOLD to: Bill
SOLD to: Dee & Ashley
SOLD: Kelsey
SOLD: Mrs. Drennan