Puppies In The Pines
SOLD Puppies
Tiny Chihuahua Girl!
Born: 8-27-10
Not shy! Very playful...
Est adult weight 3-4 lbs.
Tiny Toy Poodle Girl!
Apricot turning Cream
Born: 7-20-10
Born: 8-30-10
Pomeranian Girl
Born 8-27-10
Will be cream color!
Sugar & Scooby
Min Dachshund Boy Born
: 9-3-10
Longhair Red/wh Piebald
Min Dachshund Girl
Born: 9-3-10
Longhair Red Sable
Shih-chon Girl Born: 6-3-10
Mom is a Shih Tzu  
Dad is a Bichon
Min Dachshund Girl
Born:  8-30-10
Gayle & Cherokee Baby
Solid Black Smooth Coat
Pebbles & Fred
Shih-Pom Boy
Born:  11-3-10
SOLD: Deloris in Hector
Shih-Pom Boy
Born:  11-3-10
Yorkie Boy
Est adult weight 4-6 lbs.
Sold to Javier Flores in Rsvl!
Chipoo Girl Born: 8-22-10
Chihuahua mom & Toy Poodle
Est adult size 5-6 lbs
Another babydoll face!
Est adult weight 4-5 lbs.
SOLD: Eddie & Laura Austin
Miniature Schnauzer GIRL
Born: 11-5-10
Super coated Liver color!
SOLD to: Megan!
Miniature Schnauzer GIRL
Born: 11-5-10
Beautiful, thick black coat
Min Schnauzer
Liver Boy born: 10-14-10
SOLD: Bailey Craig
Yorkie-Poo Boy
Born: Oct 14, 2010
Est adult wt 5-7 lbs.
Sold: Keith & April
Layla Marie Poynter is her new name!  She
is proudly owned by Jordan & Jeremiah.
Her dog parents are Pebbles & Fred 2010.
Shih-Pom Boy
Born: 11-3-10
Sold: Janet Waite in Clarksville
Pom-Poo Boy
Born: 11-5-10
Beautiful coat, cream color!
Est adult weight 3-5 lbs.
Shih Tzu Boy
Liver/creme colored!
Born 9-27-10
Sold to:Thomas in California
Toy Poodle Boy
Apricot turning Cream
Born: 7-20-10
SOLD: Craig & Debbie
Shihpom Boy
Born: 11-8-10
SOLD: Derrick in Monticello
Shih-Pom Boy
Born: 11-8-10
Shih-Pom Boy
Born:  11-3-10
Buffy & Dusty Boys
SOLD: Dorie in Plumerville
Sold: Tina & Paul in Conway
Sold: Shelly in London, AR
Sold: Luke & Lacey in
Bryant, AR
Thelma & Coco
Min Schnauzer Babies
Born 12-26-10
SOLD: Christina in Dardanelle
Pekingese GIRL!
Born: 12-23-10
SOLD to: Anne Ward,
Alesha & Savannah
Shih Tzu Babies
1 Blk/wh Girl
SOLD to: Brooke & family
Buffy & Spud
Pomeranian Boy
Born: June 1, 2011
Beautiful Wolfe Sable
Choc/tan Girl Longhair
Est adult size 6-8 lb
SOLD: Melissa Crymes
Blk/tan Girl Longhair
SOLD: Tara & Todd
Black Boy Wire coat
SOLD: Ashleigh in Conway!
Black Boy Wire coat
Est adult size 5-7 lbs
SOLD: Alice
Black/tan Boy Longhair
Est adult size: 6-8 lbs
SOLD: Natalie
Imperial ShihTzu
Born: Jan 1, 2014
SOLD: Penny
Thomasina & Chip
SOLD: Megan
Standard Poodle Puppy
Born: 6-3-2011