Happy puppies in their new homes!
This is Riley!  His home is in
Anacoco, La., with his owner
Elizabeth.  He loves to ride in the
car with her & cries when she
leaves him at home.  He thinks he
is going to the Sr. Prom!
Riley's dog parents are:
Pearl & Coco.  09-2007 litter.  
We appreciate Elizabeth's mom
keeping us posted, about how much
the family loves this little pooch.  
We know he has a great home!
These 2 brothers live in Lake
Charles, La., with 2 human
sisters, Tracy & Jackie.  We look
forward to hearing from the ladies
as these boys grow up!
This is Tamale, he is a tiny
tot!   His adult weight is 3 lbs.  
His dog parents are:
Sweet Pea & Chico.  08-2006   
He is spoiled rotten at his home
in Elgin, OK.,  He is loved very
much by his mama, Tina and
girls Emily & Elena.
This is Lily of Delmar.  She enjoys
a wonderful life with her mom
Barbara, in Florida.  We enjoy
regular reports (all good) about
Lily!  Her dog parent's are:
Pixie & Conrad. Lily is much lighter
in her updated pic 8-09.
This little girl is "Belle", she
is at home with her mom, Meg
and Schnauzer friend, in
Georgia.  Her dog parents
are:  Wilma & Coco, 02-2005.
This is Roxy Alston of
San Francisco.  We have
heard nothing but good things
about this little girl.  Her
family loves her dearly.
Stella at her new home.  She is
adjusting well, she is loved by not only
us, her parents, but our parents, her
Thanks a million!  Josh & Morgan
This is "Mr. Napoleon" in his new
home in Maryland.  He's getting
along well with his friend Calypso!  
And his new mom, Tiffany says she
loves him.  Thanks for the picture
Tiffany, feel free to keep us posted.
This is Allie, she is a Japanese Pomeranian.
She is very loved by her owner Cassie in
Russellville.  We hear that Allie is a
self-taught "fetcher".  Thanks for the
update Cassie!
Hudson is now 4 1/2 mo old.  He is
such a great puppy. He has a great
personality & just a pleasure to
have. I think I got an excellent
puppy for the prices you charge.
Thanks again, Karla
Fran in New York, reports that Angelo is grown at
4 lbs. and for a little guy, his personality is
GIGANTIC!!  He is hands down, everyone's
favorite.    Thanks again for Angelo.  
This little Bichon boy is at his
new home with Amanda in
This is Lady, very much loved by her  
mom Carol & family.  We ran into Lady
at the annual May Fest & recognized
her!  It was obvious that she goes to the
dog beauty parlor often!
This is Ryder, or RyRy, his dog parents
are Luke & Zoie.  His mom Jaclyn
emailed and says he is a true joy and
they love him.  We enjoy the updates,
keep them coming!
This is Myles, with his mom
Shanaya in California.  Myles'
dog parents are Dolly & Fred.  
Shanaya reports that Myles is
an amazing dog & she loves him!
This is TzuTzu, the report we rec'd, is
that, he is happy, healthy & spoiled.  
Living in Florien with Vincent, Sheila
and his sissy Whitney!  His dog parents
are Sparkle & Andy 07.
These boys are brothers, after 3
years, we hear they are doing well
and much loved.  Thanks Meda for
the update.
This is Izzie and her friend Benji.  
Izzie weighs 4.5 lbs at 2 yrs.  She is
Angelo's (4 lbs in New York) sister!  
Dog parents are Molly Coco & Andy.
Thanks for the update Lindsey.
This is Panda, her Mccullough family
reports that she is a wonderful girl & they
love her!  Her dog parents are SueLing &
Pugslee. Thanks Lacey for the update!
August 2008 Update.
Thanks for raising such
wonderful Schnauzers!
This is Sunshine, she is one of the
very first Schnauzer babies born
to us!  Linda has sent us her
picture and says she is much loved
& spoiled!  Her dog parents are
Plattie & Coco, March 2004 litter.
Joni Stevenson in Houston, Tx., sends us
"rave" reviews and updates on Audrey (10
lb liver), who she says is the PERFECT
Schnauzer.  Lexi is her black "sister".  I
Earl in his new home. It
be any happier!  Thank you
Nicole,Emily & family for
loving him.
This is Oscar at 1 y/o. His dog parents
are Zoie & Coco. Tammy says he is a
wonderful addition to their family!
Tarrin reports that
Atreyu (Great Dane) pup
is doing great!
Sophie is adorable! Blue &
only 5 lbs grown! Sparkle
is her dog mom, Kara is
her human mom!
This is Skeeter, she is
happy with her new
mom, Sally in
Harrison. Skeeter is a
"toy" size liver girl!
This is Rico, his dog parents are Sparkle &
Andy 08, making him a full brother to
TzuTzu.  The Williams family in La. say
Tzu is an angel and Rico is a little digger!
the Ryan family in
NW Ark.  
Thanks Shanaya for the updated
pics of Myles!  He has turned
white and looks so much like his
mom, Dolly!  What a nice hair coat!
This adorable little guy lives in Alma with
Magan & family!  They say he is part of the
family , he loves to ride & they love him!  His
dog parents are Freckles & Cherokee.
This little girls name is Kricket,
she lives with Kelli & family and
her new dog friend Katie!  
Kricket's dog parents are
Cricket & Max
Tanya says Mia is doing well and
rules the house!  She has more
things than thier 4 yr old...
Mia is one of Misty's Chi babies.
This is Hanna at home with Pat &
Ryland in Louisiana.  They say she is
a wonderful pet and they are enjoying
her!  Thanks Pat, for all the
pictures, we enjoy getting them.
This is Dax, his family in
Clarksville sends the
report that he is a nice
They are happy to have
Rascal's mom Christie, sends
the report that he is doing
great, and spoiled rotten as
the pictures show!  They are
now living in Texas.
Maggie's new mom Carol, emailed
that she loves her new home and
her new friend Murray.  She
housetrained quickly, shakes &
dances for a treat!
Dan sends pics of Dexter at 5
months.  They say he is a
wonderful little guy and they love
Jennifer sent a picture of Josie
with her daughter Brooklyn.  Josie
is a very small Min Schnauzer!  
Jen reports that she is fitting in
well with the family.
Jessica sends the report that the
kids have named this little girl,
Peanut!  She is doing great and
they lover her!
Chris sent a picture of
Simon.  He says Simon is
doing well and is fitting in well
at his
Here is Bandit (Schnauzer) with
his friend at home in Russellville.  
We recently got to meet Bandit,
and he's spoiled rotten to say the
least!  His mom Haley and dad,
Brandon love him very much!
This is Dezzy!  Thanks so much
Melissa for sending us pictures!  
babies and most ADORABLE!!  She
is spoiled rotten in Russellville.
Tiffany says Bella (Schnorkie) is
doing great!  She is very smart,
housetraining is going well.  Thanks
for the pictures Tiffany.
Jaquelin & Joselin stopped by to
let us see Alex.  They say he
loves to play with a tennis ball!  
He is a beautiful brindle boy!
Keena sent pictures of London,
she is a solid black Dachshund
baby and a very good girl!
This little guy is in his new home
with Kay Shipp.  He is having lots
of fun with his new mom...
This little Dachsiepoo is at home
with Danielle in Scranton!
Daniel's family says Lizzie loves
the snow!
Batrina in her retirement home.